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Shop our designer candles from the USA and fragrances from Italy. Our candle pick is from Lola James Harper, Los Angeles, and made in France. The brand is a holistic art and lifestyle project that gathers 20 years of encounters that capture & share their scents in candles. Founder Rami Mekdachi is a perfume art director for renowned brands such as Costes Parfum, Chloé candles, Eau de Colette, and Lacoste candles, to name a few. The brand was launched at the iconic Parisian concept store Colette with his collection of 18 candles and room sprays inspired by his travels, friendships and memories around the world.

Laboratorio Olfattivo is our choice of perfumes. A project born in 2009 from Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago’s love for niche perfumes. Based on pure creativity, Roberto Drago, the brand's creative director, merges the endeavours of the most eclectic noses currently on the scene. Given their unique composition, they can be considered “emotional experiences” that come to life through our sense of smell.