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Volume Six - The Future of Golf

Spend any time around the golf industry and you’ll be bombarded with the axiom ‘grow the game’. In response to golf becoming an increasingly niche sport, the accepted response seems to be that we should simply get more people to play it. Everyone has their own take on how to ‘grow the game’, but to us at least, most of these solutions seem too focused on the target – of getting more people to play – rather than looking at the actual experience and nature of the game. To push golf onto people who have deliberately tuned out from the game is ineffective and a waste of time, funding and energy. It’s just not going to stick.

But what if this is all just a problem of semantics? You see, ‘to grow’ really means to evolve. To change. Not just get bigger.

Volume Six brings 134 pages of full-colour, spacious, luscious, crafted, golf. It lifts any room you place it in – the cover is literally a work of art – and is the ideal travelling companion. Give your eyes a rest from endless screen time and indulge in the beauty of the printed page; hear the snap of the cover; smell the ink as you thumb through the luscious paper pages.

Caddie Magazine Volume Six will sit proudly on your coffee table or bookshelf for years to come.


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