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Robinson Man was founded on an uncompromising commitment to creating the world’s most beautiful men’s cashmere knitwear. Our fleece is hand-combed from cashmere goats that graze beneath the watchful eye of skilled herdsmen in Outer Mongolia. 
This natural, raw fibre undergoes more than 30 individual processes before experienced craftsmen finally assemble the article of clothing. The choice to manufacture our collection of cashmere sweaters in Outer Mongolia supports the local community and exemplifies our commitment to collaborating with suppliers who share our philosophies and dedication to quality.
Our beautiful range of cashmere beanies are a winter must for staying warm in the cooler months. You can even pair them with a cashmere scarf for an additional layer of warmth.
Looking for the same cashmere comfort while at home? Our cashmere blankets are warm, soft and luxurious.
Finally, our cashmere cardigans offer a quiet sophistication and a versatile addition to any man's wardrobe. You can wear it over a shirt or under a jacket for a different look.
How do I care for my cashmere knitwear?
Pilling is a natural process that will inevitably happen when your sweater is new, but excess rubbing and friction should always be avoided, which may lead to the increased wear of your garment.
When you wash your cashmere garments, do so with similar tones. Hand wash in cold/lukewarm water and use a wool-friendly liquid detergent or, ideally, a specialised cashmere shampoo.

Do not tumble dry your cashmere or hang it up—this will cause stretching. Instead, lay the garment flat on a towel and dry it away from direct sunlight.


What’s the difference between cashmere and normal wool?

Both wool and cashmere are natural fibres, with wool coming from sheep, and cashmere from goats.

Cashmere wool is much softer, finer and lighter, which makes it more comfortable to wear over normal wool. Its warmth-to-weight ratio is also 4 times greater.
Not only is it practical, It offers a luxurious feeling for the wearer that’s incomparable to any other material.