Laboratorio Olfattivo Limone by Jean-Claude Ellena 100ml

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LABORATORIO OLFATTIVO Limone by Jean-Claude Ellena

This cologne reflects the vitality of an Italian summer holiday, driving along the narrow roads of the Amalfi coast in a classic convertible. Each bend of the road creating tantalising new vistas and experiences.  The whisper of the waves, the heat of the sun and the hint of salt in the air. Jewel-like lemons draped over woven wooden trellis cascade down the hillsides to the great sapphire sea. This fragrance is for the man on a mission who enjoys the zest of life and hurls himself into summer adventures.

Italian Lemon, Ginger, Orange leaf, White musk
The Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has created the fragrance collection “Viaggio in Italia” inspired by his love of Italy. He believes perfume must be like a soft caress, nothing must shock, and nothing must shout.

Limone is for a man who is confident within himself and understands the power of a subtle but memorable fragrance.


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Brand Laboratorio Olfattivo

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