Saturnino Eyewear - Telsinoe 10

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Saturnino Eyewear Telsinoe 10

Telsinoe is a small natural satellite orbiting Jupiter named after one of Zeus’s daughters. In Greek mythology, these daughters were sirens, luring sailors to dangerous cliffs with their seductive voices. So prepare to have the paparazzi follow you when they catch sight of the sinuously shaped frames and the rockstar ombre lenses. You will not go unnoticed.
Saturnino Celani is a celebrated Italian musician who has created his line of sunglasses. The curated collection contains eight different styles, each reflecting the vibration and essence of a planet. The designs incorporate playful musical references, a bass string creates the bridge of a frame, and the ends of the arms are plectrum shaped.
The highly selective distribution ensures Robinson Man customers command the universe.
Snap up all the planets and rotate them as your life revolves around the sun.

Additional Information:

• 100% Black Glossy Acetate Frame

• Ombre tinted lenses 

• UV Protection

• Mazzucchelli 1849 acetate - renewable non-petroleum a plant-based material

• Lightweight and hypoallergenic

• Prescription suitable

• Made in Italy


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