Laboratorio Olfattivo Arancia Rossa by Jean-Claude Ellena 100ml

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LABORATORIO OLFATTIVO Arancia Rossa by Jean-Claude Ellena

Inspired by the juices of sweet Sicilian Blood Oranges splattered over the people and the town of Ivrea during the Battle of the Oranges. This 800-year-old festival ends with a giant bonfire and a lot of sticky clothing as the participants celebrate the end of winter. A sense of playfulness and familiarity with a slightly darker edge (oranges can cause bruises) is reflected in Aranica Rossa. The combination of sharp, tangy zest and juicy sweetness embodies the radiance of summer. Musk adds sensuality and orange blossom a familiarity, wrapping you in a virtual hug. The man who wears this fragrance is a passionate adventurer who wants to experience everything. He may be diving in the Dead Sea or fishing in Finland – whatever the expedition, there will be a zodiac, a helicopter and a trek involved. His other natural habitat is drinking in that sleek Milanese hidden bar, The Spirit.

Italian Blood Orange, Orange Flowers, Passion Fruit, White Musk
The Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has created the fragrance collection “Viaggio in Italia”, inspired by his love of Italy. He believes perfume must be like a soft caress, nothing must shock, and nothing must shout.

Fruit is so juicy and carnal to be linked to battles and celebrations in the collective imagination. It is as popular and earthly in our memories as elegant and sophisticated in olfactory compositions.


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